Barbara Stokes Delivers Safe Housing To Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Barbara Stokes Delivers Safe Housing To Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey

The last natural disaster Barbara Stokes and her team lent their hands in was Hurricane Harvey. This hurricane went through areas of Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee. The recovery effort cost $125 billion. In order to help people who could not live in their homes due to it sustaining damage or even being destroyed the federal government signed contracts with small business construction contractors. Her company built homes which were constructed in Alabama and then delivered to people in the areas that had been affected. Follow Barbara Stokes on

After completing high school Barbara Stokes started attending Mercer University. Her two main subjects were biomedical engineering and physics and she graduated with degrees in these in 2001. She is now the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered which is based in the state of Alabama. She has proven herself to be one of the leaders in the disaster relief industry. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The response to Hurricane Harvey was much better than the response had been to Hurricane Katrina which famously hit New Orleans. Back then it took four days just to get approval to have disaster relief sent to New Orleans. The response by FEMA was much quicker this time around, in part because they already had military authorization in place in case it was needed.

One of the biggest issues with the response to Hurricane Katrina was FEMA trailers. These were judged to be very unsafe for inhabitants because of the materials used. Barbara Stoke’s team delivered quality and safe housing during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey by contrast.



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