Barber in Australia Helps Autistic Children Get Haircuts

Barber in Australia Helps Autistic Children Get Haircuts

People with disabilities have to battle situations that the average person takes for granted, but overcoming these everyday obstacles often mean the difference between having a bad day or a good day. An Australian barber found a way to relate to children with autism, making getting their haircut a little more bearable.

Lisa Ann McKenzie is a talented barber, but when a 10-year-old with autism, named Jordie Rowland, came into the barbershop for a regular haircut, it was a disaster. Jordie was frightened and would not sit still. McKenzie was frustrated because she couldn’t give him a decent haircut.

So, Lisa began to work with this family, and after several months, she found that nursery school rhymes were his favorites. She began to sing these to him as she cut his hair, and amazingly, they erased the fear and trauma he had about getting haircuts. This new perspective prompted her to open a barber shop of her own called the Celtic Barber Rothwell Central, so she can work with children with autism who have hair cutting phobias. She also cuts normal kids hair, but she is known in the community for her special touch with special kids.

Ms. McKenzie is a cancer survivor, and she believes that she won her fight with cancer for a reason. She uses her new perspective on life to make life easier for Jordie and other children like him who had no way out of a frightening situation. Jordie is stuck in a life that has a very narrow and limited position, and it’s not his fault. Ms. McKenzie changed her perspective so that Jordie could be more comfortable in this simple situation in his life.

Life is not fair. Is there any way you could make someone’s life even a little easier today?


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