“Batman Week” Highlights Character’s Return to Heroism

“Batman Week” Highlights Character’s Return to Heroism

It’s Batman Week, and DC Comics and Warner Bros. are touting his character development in the upcoming Justice League movie.

Justice League will be the fifth film in the DC Extended Universe, and serves mostly as a sequel to last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While financially successful, the film was divisive at best, with many criticisms about the movie’s dark tone, an argument that was also leveled against the previous film, Man of Steel.

Since then, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have tried to course correct, promising more hopeful, inspirational films. This year’s Wonder Woman was seen as a success in that regard, and now they are hoping to replicate it with Batman.

Portrayed as a rather dark anti-hero in Batman v Superman, Bruce Wayne’s experiences with Superman helped him realize how far he had fallen from being the true hero that he once was. His arc in Justice League seems to continue that thread, with him now working to lead his fellow superheroes and uniting them against the threat of Steppenwolf, an evil alien god who wishes to create a distressingly literal version of hell on Earth for his master Darkseid.

In the DCEU, Batman is implied to have lost his sense of hope when his beloved sidekick, Robin, was murdered by the Joker. Hopefully, working with his new friends will help bring it back.

These character themed weeks have been going on for about the last month, counting down to the film’s release on November 22. The theme of each week is not known until it is announced by the companies, but a common fan theory is that the characters are counting down until Superman for the week when the movie comes out.


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