Beloved Veteran Gets Much Needed Home Repairs

Beloved Veteran Gets Much Needed Home Repairs

Many veterans out there, especially those who are older, need the help of others to get by. That’s exactly what happened in one Texas community. A beloved veteran, who is actually America’s oldest WWII veteran, is receiving repairs to his home thanks to Meals on Wheels of Central Texas.

Richard Overton just turned 111 in May. One of his favorite activities involves sitting on his beloved porch of the home that he’s been living in since 1948. Unfortunately, the home needs major repairs and many things are falling apart. According to Reddit, Richard had to recently vacate the home but it’s all for a good cause! It’s so his home can undergo some major repairs.

The veteran’s home will need to have its wire replaced. A central air and heating system will also be installed. Meals on Wheels will also widen doors, move carpet and install laminate floors to reduce trip hazards, and replace the electrical service.

This program is aiming to make Richard’s like a lot easier and a lot safer. There is an estimated %35,000 in repairs and changes that will be done to his home. The community Richard lives in says it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. They say that “he’s an icon in our community.”

Donations from all across the country poured in to help this man live a better life. It’s a small way that people can say thank you to someone who risked his life for the country. The donations will help Richard continue to receive around-the-clock home health care so that he can stay where he is.

The story just keeps getting better. The Austin City Council passed a resolution to give the street where he lives the honorary name of Richard Overton Avenue. It does have a nice ring to it.


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