Beneful, For A Happy, Healthy Dog

Beneful, For A Happy, Healthy Dog

You love your dog; he’s part of the family so you want to take care of him like a family member. Taking good care of your dog means giving him the best nutrition so he stays happy, healthy and vital. When it comes to your pooch, Beneful gives your dog the best of everything in a dog food – the highest quality of ingredients and a mouthful of flavor in every bite.

Your dog deserves the best that life can give him. Enjoy life together with your dog by giving him a happy well-balanced diet to keep him happy and enjoying life through all his years, from puppy-hood to adulthood. With Beneful, he can.

Only quality ingredients go into Beneful in both the dry and wet product lines. Some of the common protein sources you’ll find in either line include:


A variety of vitamin-rich vegetables for overall and well-rounded health balance include:


For a variety of health benefits, Beneful adds wholesome grains such as rice and barely for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates give your furry friend loads of energy and stamina for all-day-play. Each Beneful product is also full of anti-oxidants and omega-three rich ingredients.

Not only is Beneful packed with all the nutrition your dog needs but each meal is fun for your pup. Watch him get excited at each meal when he tastes the mixture of delicious flavors and enjoys the fun textures. Keeping your dog interested in his meals will no longer be a chore when he has Beneful to look forward to. If you want to keep it exciting at every meal, try mixing it up by interchanging Beneful dry foods with their exciting line of wet food.

Your dog is sure to love the thinly diced pieces in Beneful’s Chopped Blends and the bigger, heartier chunks in Hearty Roasters. You can also try Beneful’s Medleys and Prepared Meals – easy-to-feed and resalable for storing leftovers in 3oz to 10oz packages.

Does your dog have special dietary needs? Depending on what your dog’s special needs are, there is a Beneful product that can help cater to his specific needs. For instance, if your dog has dental issues, help keep his smile radiant, teeth healthy, and say good bye to bad breathe with Beneful’s Radiant Smile.

Other Beneful dry dog food products include:

Original Formula
Healthy Growth for Puppies
Healthy Fiesta
Healthy Radiance
Healthy Weight
Playful Life

Bring out the best in your dog with Beneful’s full dog food product line made by a company of people who love dogs, own dogs and want all dogs to have long, healthy lives. Find more on Beneful Twitter!


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