Best Lawyers and Law Firms in Brazil

Best Lawyers and Law Firms in Brazil

The Brazilian legal system is based on the Civil Law or Roman-Germanic. The litigation process is unique making it impossible for foreign lawyers to conduct any case in Brazil. If you are conducting business in Brazil, you need qualified Brazilian lawyers experienced in Litigation and dispute resolution through clear interpretation of the law. Leite, Tosto e Barros is highly specialized in Litigation and recognized in the market. They have been outstanding in high-value and complex litigations with high reputation. The firm is especially recognized for mass litigation, a common problem in Brazil.


Mr. Ricardo Tosto is among the most prominent lawyers and strategists in the Brazilian legal practice. He began in a small law firm and developed it to the most reputable corporate litigation entity in the region. He later established his law firm and soon transformed it to one of the greatest in Brazil.

He has defended several public personalities and corporations in major cases and also provides legal services to key Brazilian Multinationals, NGOs and the government with legal services.

Brazilian Litigation

Ricardo Tosto Carvalho de Oliveira has been a market leader in Litigation; with huge recognition. He pioneered and led the mass litigation area in an organized and efficient manner. As much as mass litigation is considered a representative office, the firm has delivered excellent legal services winning the trust of many customers.



Environmental Law


Brazil is a litigious nation with very strict environmental contradictory and laws. There is, therefore, a high demand for skilled and experienced lawyers in that area. Members James Mackey and Paulo Guilherme de Mendonça Lopes have been extremely engaged in Leite, Tosto e Barros, defending the environment. For example, they succeeded in defending a dam against civil action by the Union seeking to stop the construction of a plant south of Brazil. That was carried out amidst incomplete environmental assessment. The outcome was favorable to the client, and the power plant is in operation.



Labor Law


Experience in litigation also translates to excellent results in the labor market. For example, a partner Marcus Vinicius Mingrone handled a case involving a factory that had been in courts since 2003, and payment for a huge fine was beckoning. The lawyers successfully negotiated and settled for a new agreement with EU. That saved the client R $ 44 million and avoided the fine.


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