Betsy DeVos- A Renown Reformer and A Philanthropist

Betsy DeVos- A Renown Reformer and A Philanthropist

What more can be used to describe Betsy DeVos other than someone that has been able to link her human kindness and her charitable attributes towards assisting others in the society? This is something that is not new to Betsy, but it was instilled in her from a very young age as a character that runs deep in the DeVose family. She is a person that has always been active in the community, holding many charitable events and social gatherings geared at pushing for new and improved reforms in education. She is also a famous politician known to have led and participated in some campaigns, party organizations, political action committees as well as having served for six years as chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Being a person that looks for innovative ways to provide solutions to social problems she seats at the helm of Windquest Group as the chairperson. The privately owned multi-company does invest in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy. She has a very cheerful personality aided by her virtue of selflessness that her seen her grow into the person she is. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

Betsy’s charitable contributions through her family’s foundation have brought recognition to both her and her other family members. It is due to their many sizeable contributions that led to them being declared Americas 24th top Givers by Forbes. Accumulatively, through the many years of her family giving’s through historical records, they have managed to give about $ 1.33 billion. Betsey, as well as her extended family, are known mostly for their political and charitable giving, but she and her husband are primarily known for being more generous towards education. In the year 2015 alone they gave over $3 million to fund many of the educational causes. This contribution accounted for 26 percent that year alone. In addition to that, their foundation gave another $357,000 to groups that support and push for reforms in the education sector. She backs their generosity towards education setting that some school areas in America were not able to access the American dream for kids due to poor funding and the only way to get rid of this issue is for individual people to take up their civic duty and help this schools. Visit to know more about Betsy.

To add to her philanthropic portfolio, her and her husband launched the country’s first aviation-themed charter school. They did this on the grounds of Gerald R. Ford International Airport where they attracted many speakers at the event including former George W. Bush and Apollo astronauts. Also on their donation list is Art &Culture where her and her husband donated $2.1 million. Others include public funds, leadership and development, the health and human services including much more. Therefore Betsy DeVos is an example of a person who lives to the right meaning of the words, “ Be the change that you want” through her exemplarily charitable giving to help bring change in the community.


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