Betsy DeVos aims to Transform the Educational Structure

Betsy DeVos aims to Transform the Educational Structure

About Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos Elisabeth is the most established innovator, advocate, and leader. She is renowned for her struggles to make the learning environment safer for the prosperity of the learners.

As the Windquest Group Chairman, Betsy DeVos has a diversified consumer service and product portfolio. She is an active community participant and the former leader of the Philanthropy Roundtable director’s board and the American Federation for Children. Betsy attended the Christian High School in Holland where she marked off an Arts degree.

She also studied at the Grand Rapids College in Calvin Michigan. She is now an active political figure having been nominated as the leader of the Michigan Republican Party four terms. She has also served on several administrative action boards, party organizations and leadership role campaigns. Recently Betsy DeVos has focused on advanced educational options. She was the original and leading figure in the educational-reform movement. Through several nonprofit functions, she has pursued educational reform.

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Betsy DeVos interview with Philanthropy Roundtable,

In a meeting with Philanthropy Roundtable, she expressed her optimism and the growth of her movement that recently sponsors thousands of students in both public and private programs in the Columbia District. She said that her movement’s growth was speedily accelerating and by last year, the number of students enrolled in the educational-choice programs had skyrocketed to forty thousand. She said that the program was significantly expanding into Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Arizona, Ohio, and Florida.

She was asked about what motivated her into philanthropy, she said that she was driven by the Potter’s House Christian School. Potter’s House Christian School had served the low-income families for almost ten decades.

Paying a visit to the school, she was amazed by the lively and joyful learning environment at the school. Constant visits to the school made her realize that the parents faced a lot of difficulties while trying to make the students stay in school. She started to support individual learners at the school, where her commitment gradually grew.

She said that she had broader concerns to try to abolish the stereotype that students must attend school-based learning. She thinks that students can as well learn from the connivance of their homes. She thinks that with technology and internet era students can easily learn from their homes. She believes that with the appropriate legislation home-based educational frameworks can be achieved.

She thinks that homeschooling is the most suitable educational option. She believes that homeschooling gives parents the chance to take charge of their kids and prevent them involving in truancy and early drug abuse.

She thinks that with homeschooling, parents have more power to shape their children future. She hoped that her innovative educational programs would receive much Parliamentary support. Betsy aims to convince the government to place greater funding in her transformational educational programs.

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