Birthday Cards Pour in for 11-year-old with Autism

Birthday Cards Pour in for 11-year-old with Autism

The beautiful thing about children is that they really don’t want much when it comes to their birthdays. At most, they’ll want a party, friends to show up, some cake and ice cream, and maybe a few friends. Throw that all into the equation and you’ve got one happy 11-year-old! Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened for an 11-year-old Australian boy who has autism. His parents planned a Birthday party for him and no one showed up.

The 11-year-old was heartbroken and his parents quickly thought of a way to make it right. They didn’t want to throw a new party since the first one took such a toll on him. Instead, they made a plea on social media. They asked strangers to help celebrate Ben’s Birthday by sending in Birthday cards.

Pretty soon, Ben’s house was filled with thousands of cards all over the world. These cards came from near and far including places like South America and Africa. Trolleys even had to be set up at the post office due to the tens of thousands of cards that kept flooding in. According to Reddit, Ben said that his birthday was so awful but the cards made up for it and he was astonished as to how many he was receiving.

The mom is now thanking everyone. She won’t personally be able to say a heartfelt thank you to the tens of thousands of people who took a small fraction out of their day to make her son’s day. She does want everyone to know, however, that they changed her son’s birthday from a horrible one to the best one ever.

Social media can be used for a lot of things, not always good. That’s why it’s truly heartwarming to see when strangers can come together to help someone they’ve never met.


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