Blind, Autistic Teen Chosen as Homecoming King

Blind, Autistic Teen Chosen as Homecoming King

High school usually isn’t a place for uplifting news. Students at Florida’s South Plantation High are defying stereotypes with their treatment of a fellow student with several disabilities. Robert Woodruff is autistic and blind, but his jovial attitude and large group of friends have brought him the  homecoming crown  this year.


Robert is a familiar face around campus. He frequently delivers cookies to his fellow classmates, performed in a high school musical and voices daily announcements at the school. He attends every athletic, performing arts and academic event at the school, causing his fellow students to see him as the epitome of a homecoming king.


Although Robert doesn’t let his disabilities slow him down, that doesn’t mean life has been easy for him and his family. Mainstreaming students with special learning needs can require a strong level of determination. In Robert’s case, he needs an assistant during mathematics and a voice recorder to help him remember lessons. The Woodruffs always knew that Robert could thrive in a regular classroom, and he’s fulfilled all of their expectations.


In the future, Robert is considering matriculating at the same Floridian university his sister attends, Florida Gulf Coast University. He wants to work in radio broadcasting, where his disabilities won’t hold him back. Robert already knows how to build friendship, so he’s sure to continue his popularity at the collegiate level.




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