Blind High School Student With Autism Becomes A King

Blind High School Student With Autism Becomes A King

It’s a common misconception that high school kids are mean. That’s because many of us look back on our experiences and see that maybe we weren’t treated the best or maybe we didn’t treat others the best. That’s not the case for all high schools, however. There are great kids out there who are becoming an inspiration to even us, adults, each and every day. They are the ones who are doing the right thing even if it’s not the most popular things. A generation that is kinder and more compassionate seems to be emerging. A group of high school students in Florida exemplified what it means to be kind-spirited.


At a recent pep rally at South Plantation High School, Robert Woodruff became homecoming king. It’s just one more accomplishment he can add to his high school career. He already has a high GPA and is known for performing in the school’s musicals. His story is anything but ordinary, however. He is also blind and autistic. In high schools, some students tend to make fun of those who have disabilities. That’s not what happened here.


According to Reddit, the student body nominated Robert for homecoming king and he won! It was announced at a pep rally and everyone went wild with their cheering. It was a small gesture to some, but to Robert it meant everything. Robert knew he wanted to be homecoming king and that he didn’t want his disability to set him back. It certainly didn’t.


Not only was Robert able to win the title of king, he’s also now inspiring countless others. He’s just showing that anyone with a disability can be anything that they put their mind too. His parents were super proud too. They spoke of how he truly embraces what it means to be king. Robert has gone to every school event during his high school career.



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