Boy Feeds Officers Who Helped Save his Life

Boy Feeds Officers Who Helped Save his Life

Children are great because most of the time, they’re so pure of heart. They don’t think bad of people and they just really want to please others. When someone does something kind, kids know that they should return the favor even if it’s just with a simple, “Thank you.” One boy in Virginia went above and beyond to thank the officers that potentially saved his life.

According to Reddit, 10-year-old Zachary was riding his bike in Chesterfield County when he went missing around 6 in the evening. His family was worried and a search party was dispatched. Police were eventually able to locate the boy hiding in the woods and it was a happy ending for all. As it turns out, poor Zachary fell off his bike and was terrified that he would have to get stitches. He then decided to hide in the forest. Luckily, everything had a happy ending but it doesn’t just end there.

Zachary was so thankful towards the officers that helped find him and potentially save him from a dangerous situation. He wanted to show his appreciation. Instead of a phone call or a card, Zachary showed up at the station with dinner to feed all the officers. He made barbeque, with the help of his family, and dropped it off at the police station during a roll call. It was a simple gesture but one that meant a lot to officers. Every day, they go out and find themselves in potentially devastating situations. It was great that they were able to bring a happy ending for Zachary. It was nice that Zachary in turned showed his appreciation. It probably helped him feel better as well.

We can all learn a lot from Zachary. Repaying kindness, no matter how small or large the gesture is, helps to make everyone feel better.


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