Boy Survives after being Underwater for Over Forty Minutes

Boy Survives after being Underwater for Over Forty Minutes

A 14-year-old Italian boy, being called Michael, has managed to make a recovery after being trapped in the water of a canal for over forty harrowing minutes.

The teen, along with some friends, jumped off a bridge in Milan into the canal below. After diving into the 6-feet of water, Michael did not surface. Rescuers were altered, and sprang into action immediately. However, it still took them over forty minutes to pull the teen out of the canal. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick ( have learned that it took the team of rescuers to form a chain together to pull him out of the muddy depths. While in the water, Michael’s heart stopped. Once he was pulled out by the chain of rescuers, they begin resuscitation attempts on him. The attempts were successful and he was then brought to a local hospital.

According to the story on The Independent, Michael was attached to life support machines at the hospital to keep him alive. The doctor who attended to him, Alberto Zangrillo, said that the cold water helped save Michael’s life. He said that it slowed down his bodily functions and gave Michael a chance to survive.

Michael was brought out of his medically-induced coma where doctors found his brain functions normal. He ended up losing his right leg below the knee, however, his mind is in top shape, according to Alberto Zangrillo.


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