Boyfriend Makes Theaters Special Again for Aurora Shooting Victim

Boyfriend Makes Theaters Special Again for Aurora Shooting Victim

A smart man named Jason Halpern introduced me to this story: Bonnie Kate Zoghbi is a 21-year-old student from Colorado who suffered one of the most horrific events that a person could go through. Two years ago, Bonnie was in a local movie theater and excited to see the latest Batman flick, “The Dark Knight” with a theater full of other excited patrons. Unfortunately for Bonnie, she was in the theater that experienced the massacre that changed many lives that night. After that, movie theaters lost their appeal to Bonnie.

That is, until her boyfriend Max Zoghbi, decided to use his filmmaker experience to make them special for her again. Max, a 26-year-old filmmaker, had been working on a special film that Bonnie was not aware of called “Wildflower”. The short film was dedicated to their relationship and the love that the two shared. Last January, Max brought Bonnie to the movies in Baton Rogue, where the theater showed the trailer for his film. Bonnie said that she could not have been more surprised or happy to see what he made. However, that was not the end of their night. Max then took Bonnie to her favorite restaurant then off to the barn where her grandparents were engaged many decades before. There, Max proposed to Bonnie. The couple married on May 24th and Max’s message that good can come from evil has been heard through his story.

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