Boy’s Motorized Wheelchair Becomes Star Wars Costume For Halloween

Boy’s Motorized Wheelchair Becomes Star Wars Costume For Halloween

It’s got to be the talk of the neighborhood and the coolest Halloween costume for miles. Cole Geraghty, 8, is a major Darth Vader fan, and a family friend nearby, Mr. Mike, decided to create an unforgettable moving costume for the young Parker, Colorado boy battling spinal muscular atrophy.

It was an eight-week labor of love as Cole’s motorized wheelchair was cleverly transformed into Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter. It is a must-see moment here with plenty of photos at YouTube. For those not familiar with the iconic blockbuster Star Wars films, the TIE Fighter is a ship belonging to the Imperial fleet.

Cole is a handsome boy with blondish hair and lively blue eyes. He is very friendly and excited to show off his moving Halloween costume for the world to see. To watch the Darth Vader TIE Fighter moving about, click here at Buzzfeed.

Cole must use a wheelchair because his condition affects his nervous system. Mr. Mike said he wants young Cole to enjoy Halloween and trick or treat just like any child, so he decided to do something about it. The amazing black contraption he built wraps around Cole’s motorized wheelchair, and it is so wonderfully designed, the moving costume really resembles a Hollywood prop from the movies.

Cole is all excited about trick or treat and can’t wait to wow the neighbors with his one-of-a-kind Halloween costume. In addition, he wears a Darth Vader costume and is carrying a nerf gun to keep his candy stash safe and protected.

Stephanie Geraghty is Cole’s mom, and she is blown away by the kindness and skill Mr. Mike possesses. She told him that it means the world to their family, and Cole thinks he is now faster than ever with his cool Star Wars Halloween moving costume.


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