Brad Reifler and his vast Experience in Business

Brad Reifler and his vast Experience in Business

Brad Reifler is an American serial entrepreneur who is well known as the founder and chief executive officer of Forefront Capital. This is a global financial services firm that provides alternative investment management, capital marketing, and investment banking services. One of his major contributions at Forefront Capital is starting a public, non traded interval fund which is referred to as Forefront income trust. Unlike other funds, Forefront Income Trust aims at helping Middle Americans invest in products which were previously reserved for the accredited investors.

Reifler started the Forefront Income Trust after realizing that the middle class were largely excluded from investment opportunities since they were not accredited. Reifler believed that the middle class would benefit from high yield investments that incorporated tight risk management. This fund does not charge any management fee to the members and does not make money until the investor makes 8%. Reifler is confident that this initiative will help bridge the gap between accredited investors and the non-accredited investors.  He’d done other things like offering investment tips in the past.  But this was Brad’s time to really make a difference.

Reifler has a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Bowdoin College. He is a financial expert who has more than thirty years experience in business and investments. He started his independent career in 1982 when he started his first company known as Reifler Trading Corporation. This company focused on global derivatives and was so successful that Refco Inc. ended up acquiring the company in 2000.

His first company provided him with an opportunity to establish Pali Capital. Reifler was a co-founder of Pali Capital which was established in 1995. He served as its chairman and chief executive officer till 2008 as his bio outlines. Under his leadership, the company was able to employ over two hundred and fifty employees and make revenues worth over $200 million each year. He contributed to the company’s expansion from United States to opening new offices in Australia, United Kingdom, Latin America as well as Singapore. This was one of the greatest achievements of his career.

Reifler has recently provided a unique perspective on how everybody can get involved in the world of investing. Both accredited and non accredited investors have the opportunity to plan for their future as well as enjoy financial freedom. Reifler also serves on several corporate and advisory boards. He serves the chairman of Finance committee and a trustee of the Millbrook School. He also owns land in Millbrook which is used for ice skating among other recreational activities.


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