Brazilian Author Jaime Garcia Dias

Brazilian Author Jaime Garcia Dias

James Garcia Dias is a Brazilian Author and well known painter, that has received numerous literary awards during his writing career. Writing has always been a passion for this literary giant. In fact, he has been writing since he was about fifteen years old. Certainly, he inherited his love and talent for writing from his father, Arnaldo Dias. The elder Dias was also a professional writer and journalist in their native country. His passion for literature hit him at a young age. Certainly, his love for literature led him to enroll in the University of Rio de Janeiro and study letters. He also taught at a school for five years.

Jaime Garcia Dias
The young Jaime Garcia Dias owed his strong roots in literature to his father, and he’s paid tribute on his blog many times. The talented father was a great inspiration to the younger Dais. It didn’t take long for the younger Dias to develop a driving passion that led him to pursue a literary career. His strong educational background at the University of Rio de Janeiro prepared him to enter the literary world. Here is something that is interesting to note. Jaime Garcia Dias had released about 10 books by the time that he was 30 years old. In 2001, he received his first literary award. The name of the very prestigious award was the White Crane. The White Crane is a well known literary award that is bestowed upon young literary talent in the country.

Other Awards
Jaime Garcia Dias is a talented writer that has achieved success in his endeavors. He is also the recipient of numerous literary awards. Here is something else that is interesting to note for his fans. The literary writer was honored on the 100th anniversary of the Carioca Literature Academy, and was elected the new president of the academy. Jaime Garcia Dias is the author of 20 literary works. In addition, he has received five library awards. Today, he is one of the leading writer’s in Brazilian literature.

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