Brazilian Candidates Use Ads To Shock And Intimidate Voters

Brazilian Candidates Use Ads To Shock And Intimidate Voters

Brazilian candidates running for local or national office don’t go around the country kissing babies or eating in local restaurants with retired workers to get elected in Brazil. There are a lot of candidates running for office when election time rolls around in Brazil, and they all want to be noticed. The candidates that can afford it call on people like Cláudio Loureiro, the managing director of Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency to create ads for them. Cláudio and his team are experts are putting political ads together that shock and at times intimidate voters into voting. Almost anything is acceptable when it comes to producing political ads, especially television ads.

Mr. Loureiro remembers one ad that tried to woo voters using the super-hero theme. A woman running for office in a large Brazilian city dressed as wonder woman and that TV ad got her votes but she didn’t win the election, according to Loureiro. Another candidate wanted an ad agency to create a super-hero for him. So the agency came up with a super-hero that fires laser beams with his eye at communists. The TV ad got rave reviews because it showed the man flying through the sky shooting one communist project after another. The man destroyed them with his laser-focused eyes. Unfortunately he didn’t get elected either.

Other candidates ask ad agencies to develop comedy ads to help them win elections. One man appeared in a TV ad and a video wearing a wig and dancing with women dressed (or undressed) as Miley Cyrus. In another TV ad the same candidate uses the bathroom as the backdrop for a joke about a politician’s “main role” in office. He uses a roll of toilet paper to describe that roll. That man got elected. Election ads demonstrate the creativity in the ad industry in Brazil. But not all candidates turn to humor or shock to get elected because some voters take the elections seriously. And they should, according to Mr. Loureiro and other ad executives. Some voters say Brazilian politics is no joke, and they blame ad agencies for making it look like it is. But it’s not the ad agencies that think it’s funny. It’s the candidates that choice to use what they think the voters will like, according to Loureiro.

But advertising agencies don’t just do kind of funny ads for candidates. They do shocking ads for candidates like a Jesus ad, or an Obama ad plus let’s not forget a couple of candidates dressed like bin Laden.


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