Brooklyn Cops Show Their Friskier Side

Brooklyn Cops Show Their Friskier Side

In a world where cops regularly come under consistent fire for a wide range of abuses, it’s always refreshing to be reminded of the many humanitarian acts that police officers an other public servants commit on a regular basis.


Recently, in Brooklyn, Cops in Coney Island’s 60th precinct found an adorable abandoned kitten at their station house. Instead of taking the kitten to the shelter, the cops convinced their boss to let them adopt him. Martin, (named for Martin D. Constanza, one of the primary “lobbyists” for keeping the kitten) is a six-month-old tabby that has wormed his way into everyone’s hearts. In a short time, he has become a beloved pet, precinct mascot and overall morale-booster.


Martin spends his days lolling on desktops, keeping the precinct mouse-free and nibbling on snacks fed to him by his adoring family in blue. Martin has become something of a public relations expert, melting the hearts of almost everyone he comes into contact with. Collectively, cops have pitched in to get Martin chipped, neutered and immunized, not to mention providing a number of baskets for napping, three different food stations and a wide assortment of toys.


But these Brooklyn cops are just another example in a long line of public servants rescuing furry friends. In Turlock, CA, these firefighters rescued 4 kittens from a building after they had extinguished the blaze and these Miami firefighters also rescued a kitten from a burning building. Paramedics at the scene provided medical care and the kitten was taken back to the firehouse to await either its owners or a new adoptive family.


More than just protecting humans, firefighters and cops have a long history of having a soft spot for our furry friends. It’s a great reminder in a world where cops can sometimes seem like enemies, that they are human beings just like us and need a little TLC now and then, the same way we all do.




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