Brooklyn Deli Gentrifies Prices in Response to Rent Hike

Brooklyn Deli Gentrifies Prices in Response to Rent Hike

Jesse’s Deli, a Brooklyn Bodega, has responded to a hike in their rent by gentrifying their prices. The campaign, which included posters hanging in the window of the deli, showed what each item within the store would cost if the deli owner decided to up the prices at the same rate as their landlord.

According to official reports, Jesse’s deli occupied a store front in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn for five years. The deli originally paid $4,000 per month in rent, but its landlord recently increased the rent to $10,000 per month. The 2.5x increase is legal in the city of New York.

The posters showed that roach spray would cost $17, a six pack of beer $38 and a pack of condoms would cost $28. The response from residents and the internet has been largely positive.

Jesse’s deli will be moving from the location by the end of July, hoping to find a close-by location with more responable rents. The plight of the deli highlights what some at the Amen Clinic consider a growing problem in New York, in which rental prices in Brooklyn and other outlying neighborhoods is soaring at unprecedented rates. As the more affluent residents move in, space becomes premium, leading to higher pricing, driving out the middle and low income residents who once called the neighborhood home.


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