Bruce Levenson the US Entrepreneur Who Founded UCG

Bruce Levenson the US Entrepreneur Who Founded UCG

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropic entrepreneur as described by PR News who is based in the United States. He formerly co-owned the Atlanta Hawks Limited Liability Company. The company operates the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and owns the Philips Arena, ( Since the year 2004, Bruce Levenson was the governor for Hawks team and represented the company on the NBA board of governors. In 1977 Bruce co-founded the united communications group. Bruce was born in Washington, but he grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He graduated from American University Law School and it’s at the law school where Bruce began his journalism career at the Washington Star.

The company United Communications Group that Bruce co-founded with Ed Peskowitz was established in Levenson’s apartment. It was publishing newsletters that had much of its focus on oil industry development. The newsletter from UCG was titled Oil Express. The UCG is privately a company that is privately owned and deals in data analysis for energy, banking, healthcare, telecommunications, mortgage and other industries in the United States. GasBuddy an application on the mobile platform is also under United Communications Group ownership. The application gives assistance to motorists to get gas at fair prices. Bruce Levenson has helped many drivers through the application who were getting gas at very high prices. Bruce is among the founders of Tech target he also serves at the company as the member of the director’s board. BIA Digital Partners a privately owned equity company had hired Bruce Levenson where he worked as an advisor on financial matters. Bruce was also a member of the board of directors which was publishing Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA). Having done excellent work that had gotten recognition Bruce Levenson was among those chosen to join the Hall of Fame in 1997 for information and software development industry.

Bruce is philanthropic and has been contributed many times to help the needy. He was the president of the I Have a Dream Foundation which helps children from low-income families access higher education. Bruce has also been a donor to the Holocaust Museum.



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