Buff Cat is Causing Quite the Stir on Social Media

Buff Cat is Causing Quite the Stir on Social Media

The internet loves looking at animals who have features that are out of the ordinary. Right now, there is a cat that is causing quite the stir on social media. A girl who loves cats was out for a walk in Quebec when she spotted a cat that was a bit beefier than most.

That’s right, there is currently a cat making its rounds on social media and it has earned the nickname buff cat. Buff cat looks like your average cat except for about five times the size. Buff cat isn’t just a chunky cat. He actually appears to have some muscles and definition. People are loving it. They’ve been retweeting and adding their own funny pictures.

According to Buzzfeed, people have photoshopped buff cat into quite the array of scenarios. He can be seen fighting crime with Indiana Jones, taking down dinosaurs, and much more. They’re even coming up with their own creative names such as the furr-manator as an affectionate play on words related to Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is currently no word on who this mysterious cat is or who their owner is. The girl who snapped the picture hasn’t seen buff cat since. In the meantime, people will continue to draw their own conclusions.

A veterinarian weighed in and thinks the cat might have a genetic mutation which allows it to have double muscles. Although, the vet says that condition is normally found in dogs and that he’s never seen it in a cat before. Until the cat is seen again, its legacy will live on thanks to social media.


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