Building a Better Future

Building a Better Future

How do we ensure that our future will become bright? We can only achieve this by making our today bright. Set a foundation which will help others in the future. Remember that this is also your legacy. Bruce Levenson is a determined American businessman and founder of UCG. He was born in Washington DC, United States in the year 1949. He is the previous NBA team owner nevertheless, he has made great achievements with the Atlanta Hawks organization where he was a co-owner. The organization is the one which runs the Atlanta Basketball Team. Mr. Bruce Levenson  has been the director of Tech Target Inc sine the year 2012. He is a focused businessman who loves team spirit.


The New Hampshire Insurance Company Breached a contract signed between it and the Atlanta Basketball Team. As a result, Danny Ferry, who was the former general of MBA filed to sue the Insurance Company. The insurance company covered for certain losses related to employment practices. However, it did not limit other actions such as wrongful termination of the contract.

According to ESPN, the transfer of the Atlanta organization is what the insurance company blame for the breach of the six-year contract. Ferry’s claims are said to fall within the policy coverage. The lawsuit claims for a fifty percent penalty for the unpaid loss as well as attorney’s fees and costs.



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