California Man Proves Himself a Hero

California Man Proves Himself a Hero

A man in Citrus Heights, California, has proven himself to be a hero by helping to extinguish a fire at a church. CJ Sparks was driving past a Lutheran Church when he noticed flames coming from one of the windows and immediately called the fire department. Then, instead of waiting around for them to arrive or leaving, he got busy fighting the fire himself.


Sparks rushed inside the church itself to grab some fire extinguishers and then turned them against the flames. Inspired by his example, a woman who lived nearby the church also came over and helped fight the fire. Together, they battled the blaze.


It was a good thing they did because the fire department wasn’t able to arrive until 15 minutes later, and Sparks and the other civilian firefighter helped keep the damage to the structure from being much worse. In fact, they put out almost all of the flames before the fire department was on the scene.


Grateful church officials said that, because of the duo’s heroism, a large amount of food meant to be given away to the needy was saved. Sparks said that he was just happy he was there at the right time and even mentioned that fighting the fire was kind of fun.


The story just goes to show that anyone, anywhere has the potential to become a hero. You never know when disaster will strike, and you never know how you’ll respond when it does. In this case, Sparks definitely rose to the challenge.



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