Cassio Audi Moves From heavy metal Legend To Member Of The Financial Establishment

Cassio Audi Moves From heavy metal Legend To Member Of The Financial Establishment

In his role as a visiting professor at Sao Paulo University, Cassio Audi is the epitome of a conservative member of the financial establishment but for students unaware of the history of their tutor the history of the capitalist expert will come as a surprise. During his teenage years, Cassio Audi was a major part of the changing Brazilian culture at the close of the military Junta in the country when British heavy metal entered the mainstream; as the original drummer for the Brazilian heavy metal band, Viper, Cassio Audi had built himself a hall of fame worthy career in just four short years.


Cassio Audi was a well-known drummer in his home city of Sao Paulo as a teenager after joining two different bands during his early career as a musician after discovering heavy metal when British new wave bands began appearing in South America. A shared love of the top British bands of the late 1970s and 80s including Iron Maiden and Samson brought Audi to the attention of brothers Pit and Yves Passarell who were looking to form their own heavy metal band.

After establishing Viper with the Passarell brothers, Andre Matos, and Felipe Machad the band would go on to become one of the most popular in Sao Paulo’s live music scene as the popularity of heavy metal continued to rise. During 1985 the band honed their skills with the influence of British heavy metal bands easy to identify in the first demo recordings of Viper which saw Audi imitate the style of Iron Maiden drummers Clive Burr and Nico McBrain whose techniques are easy to hear on the best-selling demo “The Killera Sword”.

The legendary recordings would fade into the memory of many when the band signed their first recording contract and set out to create what has often been described as a classic album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Although many called the lyrics naive, the musical skill of Cassio Audi was praised during his single professional recording before leaving the band in 1989 to begin a successful career as one of Brazil’s foremost investment specialists.


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