Cassio Audi; Musician, and Financial Expert

Cassio Audi; Musician, and Financial Expert

Cassio Audi began his career at a young age. He was a member of the well-known Brazilian metal band known as Viper, where Cassio Audi was also their lead drummer. The Viper members were well known for their skill and talent, with Cassio Audi being one of the most influential band members. His unique ability and talent were evident, leading him to contribute immensely towards the success this band.


The band released an album which they named ‘Soldiers of sunrise’ in the 1980’s, and the success of this album propelled Audi and his team to great heights. One of the opportunities this success gave them was the chance to curtain raise at the Motorhead Show in Brazil.

Cassio’s style of drumming was influenced by British rock and roll, as well as the techniques of bands he admired like Iron Maiden. When viper was making music, hard metal rock was not well known in Brazil. The rising of this group, therefore, helped to draw more people to the genre within Latin America. This is one reason Cassio Audi will also be remembered for the role he played in promoting this type of music.

Although Mr. Audi’s love for music has not faded, he stayed with the band between 1985 and 1989 and then quit to join college. He enrolled at Pontifical Catholic University for his bachelors. He further went on to acquire an MBA from Sao Paulo University in Brazil. Currently, Cassio is a well known investment manager. He has an extensive expertise which covers many things ranging from investor management and team management to financial planning and leadership strategy.

These diverse skills have allowed him to work with numerous local and international companies. Although working in financial sector, Cassio still takes time to appreciate and listen to music as a way of unwinding

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