Cassio Audi’s Success in his Early Music Career

Cassio Audi’s Success in his Early Music Career

Cassio Audi was one of the founders of the Viper Band in Brazil that was formed in 1985. He founded the band together with Felipe Machado, Andre Matos, Yves Passarell, and pit Passarell. Cassio Audi and his group who were all teenagers dominated the hard rock music sector in Brazil by their impeccable beats that engulfed their music concerts. Notably, the musician who stood out more in the group was Cassio Audi chiefly because of his drumming expertise that left the crowds charge by the grand resounding beats. Again, the group created music that was stemmed from the Iron Maiden’s British band’s hard rock music.

How Cassio Audi and his Group Started their Music.The music escapade for Cassio Audi and his group began when they decided to meet with a music presenter who helped them to achieve the spotlight. Further, the Viper Band was able to parade its skills in a music concert that was known as the SP Project which boosted them as their music was good enough to be played on the radio. With the successful performance of the SP project, Cassio Audio and his friends were inspired to come up with a demo album to showcase their talent and reach out more fans.

Moreover, the band released the demo album in 1985 which was entitled as the “Killera Sword”. Cassio Audi who was very influential in the Viper Band, however, did not last in the industry as he moved to another career in 1989. Additionally, other than drumming, Cassio Audi was actively involved in the band’s composure of songs. In fact, he was responsible for writing some of the songs that were featured in the main official album that was launched in 1985. The album was known as the “Soldiers of Sunrise” and contained some tracks where some were from their original demo album. The songs included the Law of the Sword, Soldiers of Sunrise, and Princess from Hell among others.


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