The Milk Bar’s New “Ballpark Bomb” Snacks
Posted on : 05-31-2015 By : Samantha Pointer
The Milk Bar in New York City has one of the best snacks known to mankind called the "Ballpark Bombs", which are basically a bagel dough ball that is stuffed with a soft boiled egg, cheddar cheese, srircha, sliced up hot dogs and bacon ans scallion cream cheese. If that doesn't get your mouth watering, nothing out there ever will. According to an article found on reddit and written by, these snacks are going to be served at all of the New York locations of the Milk Bar and it…
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Beneful Is An Excellent Choice For My Pet
Posted on : 02-02-2015 By : Samantha Pointer
It's not easy being a dog owner, and I should know. I've learned a lot along the way, through trials and tribulations, as well as the mistakes that I've made with my dog. I wanted a dog, for as long as I can remember, but I always lived in an apartment complex, which did not allow any pets. I finally saved up enough to move into my own home, and my first mission was to get a dog. I went to a dog breeder, and I chose a pit bull…
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