Felipe Sheds Light on Edison Carlos Take On Basic Sanitation Services in Brasil
Posted on : 06-28-2017 By : Samantha Pointer
Felipe Montoro Jens has a Bachelor's Degree from Getulio Vergas Foundation and Thunderbird School of Global Management. Apart from this, he is an infrastructure expert and is the chief executive officer over at ‘Energipar Captacao’.   ‘Energipar Captacao’ was first incorporated in the year 1996. The Brazil based company issues securities in the form of subordinated debentures for both private and public distribution.   According to an interview with the president of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos, the services provided by Trata Basil will undergo management, resource, and structural improvement. Felipe…
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Felipe Montoro Jens Discusses Public-Private Partnership for Water Treatment
Posted on : 05-28-2017 By : Samantha Pointer
Brazilian businessman Felipe Montoro Jens recently sat down for an interview with the Brazilian news portal Terra to talk about a new movement to recruit the private sector to improve basic sanitation in Brazil. According to Jens, the Brazilian development bank (BNDES) has announced a partnership with the government which allow them to take on corporate partners to improve the quality of water treatment and the water supply.   According to Edison Carlos, head of non-profit organization Treat Brazil and one of Montoro Jens' associates in the new project, such…
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