TSA Needs Even More Scrutiny
Posted on : 03-26-2015 By : Samantha Pointer
The United States Transportation Security Administration has not had the best reputation over the years. Ever since travelers began posting their negative experiences with TSA security agent in video and written formats online, TSA has been under incredible scrutiny by the public. Over the past couple of years, TSA agents have mistreated a wide array of travelers from new mothers traveling with their bottled breast milk to children with severe disabilities. In each of these cases, TSA agents have gone overboard with by strictly following rules in situations where the…
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Lammily Doll Rivels Barbie
Posted on : 03-09-2015 By : Samantha Pointer
For those who think that Barbie is too perfect and sending off a negative image to young girls, meet Lammily. Brad Reifler has read that the new doll is a rival to Barbie and she has stretch marks, a little weight on her body and is wearing a full-figure panty. However, if any of you have seen this doll, she looks hideous. What child is actually going to want to play with a doll that looks like this? Are we taking the anti-perfection craze a little too far? Playing with…
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