CCMP Capital Continues Robust Growth

CCMP Capital Continues Robust Growth

Steadily growing firms with a record of solid financial gains are difficult to come by. Finding organizations that are consistent with earnings growth, especially in this time of uncertainty and financial unrest is an even harder task. Very few firms meet the criteria of prudent investors seeking to increase their net worth through carefully calculated strategies. In the world of private equity, very few firms have the qualifications of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

CCMP Capital has had a long and storied history. Originally formed from J.P. Morgan Chase in 2006, CCMP has gone on to become one of the biggest private equity investment companies in America. Since its inception, it has invested over $12 billion of its funds in growth capital transactions and leveraged buyouts. The company was ranked the 17th largest private equity fund in the world in 2007.

CCMP has a worldwide reach with offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and New York. The main focus of their investment house is private equity, growth capital and leveraged buyout opportunities.

CCMP Capital was originally founded under the name Chemical Venture Partners in 1984. The company was founded to serve as the venture capital and private equity arm of Chemical Bank. In 1996, Chase Manhattan Bank purchased Chemical Bank from the Chemical Company. The company was renamed Chase Capital Partners to reflect the Chase brand and the original name, Chemical Venture Partners.

In the year 2000, the company changed names again following the formation of JP Morgan Chase. It was renamed JP Morgan Partners. Over this time, the company grew through the integration of other firms, including Robert Fleming & Co., The Beacon Group, Chase Manhattan, and Manufacturers Hanover.

The company has been successfully guided by its former president and CEO, wikipedia’s Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. Murray cofounded the company after a spinoff occurred from the original J.P. Morgan Chase investment division. He was named president and CEO of CCMP in 2007.

He has held positions with major companies during his tenure at CCMP including executive board positions at AMC Entertainment, Aramark, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, Warner Chilcott and other corporations.

Through Murray’s leadership, CCMP has branched out, beginning a new chapter in its legacy. The company recently completed raising capital for its new fund, compiling over $3 billion in commitments from investors for its newest fund, CCMP Capital Investors II. This represents the first fund started by the original CCMP team since it split from JP Morgan Chase. It was funded with $3.5 billion in capital pledges.

CCMP continues to move forward, providing sound investment vehicles for its various concerns, and setting new watermarks for private equity firms going into the future.


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