Charles Koch Says He Is Dissapointed With Republican Candidates In 2016 Election

Charles Koch Says He Is Dissapointed With Republican Candidates In 2016 Election

Head of Koch Industries, Charles Koch has said he is dismayed by the Republican candidates running to be the next president of the United States in 2016. As the leader of one of America’s largest and most profitable companies, Koch wishes that GOP candidates would address the issues he has outlined for them. So far, the candidates have failed to address the key issues that Charles Koch has highlighted. Mr. Koch was disappointed in the lack of response and attention given to the issues he outlined. The multi-billionaire has said “that given his immense wealth and standing in the business community, he expected that the Koch Foundation would have a bigger influence on candidates and their proposed policies.

Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries which is a conglomerate of numerous industries ranging from chemical to retail, had granted an interview about his political stance and contributions to political parties after being what he called “under attack by the press.” The press according to Charles Koch has hammered him and so have the Democratic Party. The Koch Foundation, which Charles Koch manages in addition to Koch Industries endows hundreds of charities, non-profits, think tanks and institutes. Democrats and the main stream press attack both Koch and the Koch Foundation for their conservative views and principles. Mr. Koch fed up with the attacks by Democrats and the liberal press decided to clear up matters and defend himself by granting an interview on his political positions and endowments.

Charles Koch said that one of the main reason’s he came out and did the interview was because he was sick and tired of being vilified and labeled as an evil guy by the Democrats and press. During his interview he stated that was a classic liberal, different than today’s modern liberals. He said that his political views are similar to British politician William Gladstone, who fought against trade tariffs that would hurt trade and competition and that he was against the system of political patronage which is still evident in Washington D.C. today.

Despite his disappointment with Republicans, Charles Koch has still pledged up to $900 million dollars in support and funding to the party. He has also stated that though he does not like any of the candidates right now, he will eventually throw his hat behind a Republican candidate and officially endorse one of them. Koch criticized current GOP front runner Donald Trump for his stance on Muslims, saying that his ban is not with the spirit of the nation.

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