Chris Linkas Reminds New Graduates to Take Advantage of Time.

Chris Linkas Reminds New Graduates to Take Advantage of Time.

Chris Linkas 1What is one of the first things you should do when you graduate? According to investment advisor Chris Linkas, you should begin investing in your future and your retirement.

It is hard to think about retirement planning when you are young, a recent graduate, and at the beginning your career, but, as investment advisor Chris Linkas teaches, early adulthood is the best time to start investing for your future security.

While making ends meet, buying your first home and preparing for a family may seem to be a more urgent priority, building your retirement investments while young allows you to take advantage of compounding investments. Chris Linkas, an active investment advisor since 2003, highly recommends new graduates take advantage of compounding. It is an easy investment strategy and requires only two things, time and reinvestment of earnings to build a substantial nest egg. The younger you start, the more time your investments have to compound and the more wealth you will build.

Chris Linkas also points out several other advantages that time offers new graduates in the investment market. With a longer investment period young investors can seek out the higher yield investments and accept more risk during the early years, there will be enough time to weather market changes and enough time to explore the numerous wealth-building possibilities. You also have the time to learn investing and experiment with the different markets. Finally there is plenty of time to develop a robust investment portfolio that works for your lifestyle, budget and risk tolerance.

Take the time to develop a retirement investment plan while you’re young and take advantage of the financial gains that can be made with time. It is also helpful to enlist an experienced investment advisor to ensure you are taking the best advantage of the time you have.



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