Christchurch Company Incentive Program Will Pay Employees to Exercise

Christchurch Company Incentive Program Will Pay Employees to Exercise

Make Collective, an advertising firm in Christchurch, New Zealand, has now unveiled a unique benefit program for its employees.

According to the program, $5 will be given to employees who commute to work by bicycle. To sweeten the deal, if they are able to commute this way for half a year or more, these employees will get $10 a day. The incentive will be paid out as a year-end bonus.

Tim Chesney, who heads Make Collective, revealed to the news agency Stuff that he wanted to incorporate his own passion for bicycling into his business. He believes that there are benefits beyond health. Arriving to work “energised,” Chesney explains, means that he’s already ahead of the curve on productivity.

Make Collective has only six employees, but five of them have already joined the program. Elliot Gilmore, a developer at the company, also spoke to Stuff about the cycling plan. He shared that it’s been difficult to “recover” from the bike commute, but agrees with Chesney about how positive it is.

Not only that, Gilmore said that cycling has given him a different perspective on his hometown. It’s slower than commuting by car, which encourages him to engage more with his surroundings.

In a way, Make Collective’s plan fits in perfectly with Christchurch culture. The town already has more cyclists than any other city in New Zealand. Christchurch has been investing heavily in its infrastructure as a result, with plans to add more cycling routs already well underway. Although the construction is estimated to cost NZ$150 million, associate transport minister Julie Anne Genter said that it’s a small price to pay for making healthier citizens and reducing pollution.


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