Christmas Carolers Grant Dying Girl’s Wish

Christmas Carolers Grant Dying Girl’s Wish

It’s a story of heartache but also in the midst of all of that, there is hope. Laney Brown is an 8-year-old who lives in Pennsylvania. She’s a beautiful young girl who loves many things, especially Christmas. It’s her favorite holiday and she loves everything about it especially the music. Unfortunately, Laney will most likely never see another Christmas. The young girl has leukemia and doctors say she won’t make it until December.

Laney had a few last requests for her dying wishes. One, like many other 8-year-olds, she wanted to meet Taylor Swift. Her other request was a bit more unique. She wanted strangers to show up at her house for a night of caroling and so the plea was sent out.

They came.

Far and wide, the carolers came to sing to Laney. They wanted to be a part of a young girl’s final wish especially when it was something so pure and wonderful. The strangers came to her home, gathered outside her window, and sang their hearts out. First, it was a few. That few quickly turned into hundreds. Those hundreds quickly turned into thousands. Together their voices rang out in the neighborhood and into the bedroom of Lacey.

According to Reddit, Lacey was too weak to get up to look out the window but she could hear the music which is what it’s really about. Her mom posted a photo of Lacey on Facebook thanking everyone and telling them how much Lacey loved it.

This truly goes to show that the spirit of Christmas isn’t just found in December. It’s found throughout the year. Sometimes, it takes the form of a group of strangers who gather together to carol for a girl they’ve never met. The mom wanted a miracle for her daughter but she said instead she received a miracle in the form of the kindness of strangers.


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