Christopher Linkas Offers Helpful Investment Tips for the Young Generation

Christopher Linkas Offers Helpful Investment Tips for the Young Generation

Christopher Linkas is a leading investment expert based out of London and has financial expertise in the field of the entire capital structure. He currently works at a European credit group where his main focus is on principal investments in the United Kingdom. Before shifting to London, he worked with a New York-based credit and real estate finance business. He studied at the Bowdoin College and started working in the financial industry soon after he graduated. It was during that time that recession happened and he learned a lot during that period. One of the things that he learned during this period is that people need to start investing while one they are in their 20s or they are going to take more risks once they grow up. He shared some interesting tips about investment with young people.


One of the best ways to create wealth for themselves is by reinvesting their dividends and also their interest. It allows people not only to earn from their initial investment but also earn extra from their interests on investments. When this continues for decades, a person can earn enough money to retire comfortably. Christopher Linkas also believes that young people have a greater threshold for risk and it helps them balance their earnings and losses over time. Young investors also have enough time with them to learn about different investment strategies and to learn from the mistakes they have made. No two people are the same, and it is the reason why no two people will have the same investment strategies. When you are young, you will have enough time to negate the losses that you might have made. It is not just their retirement but investing early allows them to live a better lifestyle in the long term.


Christopher Linkas also believes that young people today have more advantage than what the older people had and that is the use of technology. Many different financial programs and apps allow young investors to learn and invest comfortably without the need of any middlemen. They can easily learn by interacting with experts from the financial industry through online forums, financial educational websites, and online trading platforms.

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