CipherCloud Protects Cloud Based Organizations

CipherCloud Protects Cloud Based Organizations

If you are familiar with the Internet or cloud activity, you realize that websites are vulnerable to all kinds of attacks and malicious acts by online criminals. Large corporations are paranoid for a reason. They realize that online security for their website is a major concern. Even cloud computing has major security issues. CipherCloud Protects online websites from vicious attacks and malicious criminal invasion on their site determined to steal data or compromise the site.

Website Protection
CipherCloud is a leading Internet security company that is prepared to effectively protect their clients sensitive data. The fact is that CipherCloud was one of the first Internet security companies to address the need for cloud security. They provide multi platform security solutions that dramatically lower security risks and vulnerability. They are recognized by industry leaders as one of the best security companies in the industry. Furthermore, CiperCloud has won several very impressive awards. One award of note was the Global Excellence Award.

CipherCloud Satisfied Clients
CipherCloud protects their clients with some of the strongest encryption methods that are available today. Any company that operates in the cloud requires this advanced encryption method to deter malicious agents trying to attack cloud based corporations and industries. CipherCloud released information that they now have millions of satisfied clients that use the cloud. Their clients are in several industries. The industries include high technology corporations, banking, health-care, and government agencies. These are clients that are highly aware of vulnerability related to security on the Internet and the cloud. Therefore, they look for the best to guard their websites and data information.

CipherCloud Future
CipherCloud received a large funding amount. They realize that the future brings more requirements for cloud security. Therefore, the recent funding allows them to hire more employees to work with their organizations. This funding also provides the opportunity to increase their sales and marketing departments. Thus, making more companies aware of the tools available to protect them on the cloud.


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