Community and Los Angeles Dodgers Rally Behind a Special Needs Man Whose Hat Was Stolen

Community and Los Angeles Dodgers Rally Behind a Special Needs Man Whose Hat Was Stolen

According to a local NBC affiliate, a 27 year-old Riverside man, Michael Cadena, was invited by the Los Angeles Dodgers to throw out the first pitch at their May 29th game.


This man’s story is newsworthy because just the month before, he was pushed down and his favorite Dodgers cap was stolen at a local Target store. After his mother posted to Facebook about the incident, the community began to rally behind Cadena. It seems his community wanted to make up for the terrible experience.


Folks stepped up and began donating all kinds of things. Dodgers memorabilia, game tickets, hats and more. These are such wonderful gestures, meant to alleviate the fear and sadness Cadena was forced to endure. It’s incredibly inspiring to see people reach out to a stranger simply in an attempt to make his day brighter.


Cadena’s mother expressed her pride in her son. She indicated that he refused at first to give up his hat. His tenacity in standing up for himself and what was important to him inspired her.


Apparently, Michael Cadena inspired the entire community, as well.And the Dodgers. The team invited him, through their Dodger Blue Wishes program, to toss out the first pitch at the game against the Phillies. Cadena even received an autographed jersey from one of his favorite players, Cody Bellinger, the current National League Rookie of the Year winner.


Prior to the big game, Cadena had never thrown a baseball before. Luckily, he had a few weeks to practice in the backyard with his father. He did a great job tossing out the pitch to his hero, Bellinger. Such an inspirational story with a very happy ending!



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