Community Helps Boy With Spina Bifida Live a Happy Life in Nature

Community Helps Boy With Spina Bifida Live a Happy Life in Nature

Lane Sutton is just like your typical 13-year-old. He loves the great outdoors and is happy to spend his time hunting, fishing, and spending time in nature. Unfortunately, unlike normal 13-year-olds, these activities are all a little bit trickier for Lane.

That’s because Lane has Spina Bifida which makes it difficult for him to move around as freely as he would like. All his life, Lane has been using a four-wheel drive wheelchair but it’s not the easiest to navigate in nature.

According to Reddit, Lane’s life is changing for the better thanks to his wonderful community. The community rallied together to help Lane get an action trackchair. An action trackchair is like a wheelchair but it’s made to be in nature. The trackchair will help Lane move through rough terrain. It also will allow him to stand on top of it. This is perfect for Lane who wants to live the most normal life possible and enjoy nature.

The trackchair purchase was made possible through a variety of fundraisers held by multiple organizations in Lane’s community. Many organizations also made huge donations. A fish fry in the community even raised almost $13,000 towards the purchase! These huge fundraising goals make it easy to see how loved Lane is and how deserving he was of a new chair.

Lane was able to try his new vehicle out on Monday and has been loving it ever since. Many pictures show a happy Lane posing with his family and his new chair. Lane will now get to enjoy all of those activities that his old chair was preventing him from enjoying. He gets to show the world that Spina Bifida can’t stop his love of nature. He’s got a whole bunch of support behind him that will continue to make sure he lives the happiest life!


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