Companies Are Beginning to Offer Puppy Leave

Companies Are Beginning to Offer Puppy Leave

Adopting a puppy can be a challenge. Bringing a little ball of fur into the house comes with its joys and its drawbacks. Puppies are in need of a lot of attention when you first bring them home. Naturally, they need to explore their new surroundings and can get very excited. New owners are forced to take quite a bit of time to teach the young dog how to behave, where to eat and how to behave when going for a walk.


More than likely, the puppy has recently been weaned from his or her mother and needs to impress upon a new human mother or father. An owner has the choice of either being there for the puppy or placing it in a crate while you are at work, which can be a traumatic experience for a dog when it is initially brought home.


Some companies are beginning to show a new appreciation for their employees when it comes to getting a new pet. Known as “pawternity leave,” this plan allows employees to take paid time off from their job in order to bond with the pet and to help begin the process of housebreaking. Many companies even support the idea of bringing the dog to work following the initial training. This helps concretely establish the connection between owner and pet. It also gives the dog the ability to socially interact with other animals, helping minimize the adjustment period.


There are some companies that are even offering pet bereavement. Losing a pet can be emotionally hard for individuals and families. Besides the time that may be needed to bring an animal to the veterinarian for treatment, when a pet passes on, owners need to make the final plans for the animal.


Thus far, the practice of “pawternity leave” is isolated to only a few companies worldwide. However, it has proven to be a popular benefit to those enacting the program. It helps to retain good employees and drives talent to the business. With a changing dynamic in today’s workforce, it pays for companies to look for those niches that can best drive excellent potential to their doors.



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