Companies are Thriving in Brazilian Real Estate Markets

Companies are Thriving in Brazilian Real Estate Markets


Brazil has been expanding economically over the past few decades. This has earned it a spot on the global scale as the fifth largest economy. However, for the past few years, the country has gone through certain challenges such as political upheavals, which have caused economic meltdown. The real estate market was expected to suffer the most from the unfortunate events. However, it is interesting to note that things are working out quite well for the country in spite of the prevailing conditions.

At some point, it was being reported close to half of all the property developed was going back to the developer, without anyone having expressed interest in it. Property developers had started cutting back on their projects until a new dimension presented itself, foreign investors in the local estate industry. It seems like people have realized about the worth of the Brazilian estate, and the potential it has to appreciate greatly over the coming years. The result of these two factors has been foreigners flocking in to get a share of the property.

One company that is learning to deal with the new dimension is Construcap. They have a variety of notable architectures to their name. The Mineirao stadium is one of the projects they have constructed of late, and one that earned them platinum certification from the LEED. The people behind the construction seem to have considered all possible aspects of green building. The stadium conserves water, generates power and recycles almost all the waste from around it. The company takes on buildings, industrial complexes and even infrastructure such as roads, bridges and others.

This strategy of value addition is what has fueled the growth of their business and an increased interest from buyers. The management of Construcap group believes that with the right strategies in place, any project that they undertake will be a resounding success. They have forged partnerships with key players in the business to make sure that they deliver top quality services. As part of their corporate responsibility, they also have a social and educational program on real estate and commemorative dates. The leadership believes that these are key to their strategic growth plan.  News and updates will be posted to Facebook, and if you’re interested in a career, Construcap has employment opportunities here.


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