Company Is Successful in Creating an Online Presence with Social Media Campaigns

Company Is Successful in Creating an Online Presence with Social Media Campaigns

Darius Fisher, co-founder and President of the online marketing presence Status Labs. Fisher, a graduate from Vanderbilt University, has experience and creativity that has helped him create a uniquely wonderful digital marketing and management company. This company is working hard to create marketing and online presence for many fortune 500 companies and other online businesses.

Athletes and other entertainment professionals use Status Labs to promote themselves through social media marketing and public relations. Social media is an important asset to any person hoping to get their business or name out in the public. Social media can make or break anyone by the marketing and public relations that it states. Darius Fisher has been instrumental in creating a company that has an online presence that has been a feature in The New York Observer and the New York Post. US News and World report feature Status Labs in their articles.

A new or recovering business online can use help from a company like Status Labs. The innovation and creative concepts that Status Labs uses helps to present the businesses online by using social media, and digital marketing. Digital marketing and SEO are helping to develop creative advertising.

Entertainers use things like Facebook and Twitter to let others know how they are doing day to day. These frequent posts keep everyone aware of the entertainer. It also allows people to form opinions and for alliances with these entertainers or athletes. Social media has long become an important form of communication and news. Each time the athlete or entertainer gets involved with something, social media is aware. If social media is aware, so is the general public. This is called marketing and public relations. Companies such as Status Labs work very hard to give the athletes and entertainers a good online presence using the social media campaigns.

In the new year, Status Labs and Darius Fisher will continue to work hard to increase business, pick up more clients, and increase employment figures through hiring new people to run his online digital marketing business. Watch out for the future in social media marketing campaigns and Status Labs.


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