Compassionate 12 Year Old Boy Raises Money To Help With Housing Veterans

Compassionate 12 Year Old Boy Raises Money To Help With Housing Veterans

A young man was a person of honor at the Washington Township Veterans Day Program. 12-year-old Zachary Rink was doing his very best to raise funds for veteran housing on that Friday afternoon event. After doing a school project back in 2015, Zach found the inspiration to have the fundraiser.


His project involved selling hot chocolate packages shaped like reindeer and helped the young man to raise $250 for his cause. After learning about the state of affairs for many veterans in the country Zach wanted to help in some way. Rink stated that he went home after school and asked his mother and father,”Can we make a hot chocolate stand?”


The honorable young man was helping to raise the money for NHS Fresh Start which is a program for helping veterans in Philidelphia and in Coatesville Pennsylvania. Zach and his parents did their very best to fill the demand this year for their delicious hot chocolate treats. In the year prior they had so many requests for them that they made double sure to have more this year. What a great way to get out and not only show your support but give all you can as well.


This is some of the best hands-on training for a young person who really wants to help in a real way. His parents are surely proud of their son. For the entire heart-warming story about the Rink family, click the link above in this article.



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