Cone Marshal is a Heavyweight in the New Zealand’s Law Industry

Cone Marshal is a Heavyweight in the New Zealand’s Law Industry

People live in a world that is full of decisions or actions considered right or wrong. The laws deem specific things correct and wrong. Even society and morals consider particular action in the same perspective. Due to these diverse laws and opinions, a lot of confusion and debatable situations arise. The legislation in the society aims at protecting people in general. However, due to their complicated nature people can go through hard times deciphering them, especially if they do not have a law background. This is where qualified legal firms such Cone Marshall comes into play.

Cone Marshal Limited

Cone Marshal is one of the most accomplished law firms globally. Its main offices are headquartered in New Zealand, and it has several affiliate companies distributed in the main cities across the globe. The law firm specializes in tax planning and international trust. It also offers trust management and trustee services via its affiliated companies.

Since its inception in 1999, Cone Marshall has remained committed to its foundational values of providing unparalleled legal representation to its clients. The firm has some of the brightest lawyers in the New Zealand legal arena. The company offers professional guidance to customers and ensures they understand what their cases entail before showing up in the court. George Cone is the founder of Cone Marshall.

About Geoffrey Cone

George Cone studied at the New Zealand-based University of Otago and graduated with an honors degree in Law. Later on, he graduated from the same university with a postgraduate diploma in the specialties of trust and tax. He started his professional career in law in 1980 in Auckland and eventually relocated to Christchurch where he became a Partner as well as chairperson of Partners in a top law firm. As the partner of a leading law company, Geoffrey handled commercial litigation, trust, and tax advisory. He appeared in the court at various levels as chief counsel. He became a litigator of British West Indies and served for two years before returning to practice in Auckland back in 1997. Geoffrey founded his practice (Cone Marshall) in 1999.

Karen Marshall

Karen serves as the Executive Principal of Cone Marshal. She holds an LLB from the esteemed University of Otago. Karen resided in London for about ten years and served in the Commercial Litigation department of an established city law firm. She offered expert insights and intelligence to two legal trustee companies on matters relating to trustee’s liability and their legal position.


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