Cone Marshall Law Firm for International Trust and Tax Advice in New Zealand

Cone Marshall Law Firm for International Trust and Tax Advice in New Zealand

Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are the principals of the Law firm in New Zealand. Cone Marshall is an international trust and tax law firm. In 1999, the law firm was established and located in Auckland.

Karen Marshall worked at a law firm in London for 10 years before joining Cone Marshall in the commercial litigation department. Since 2005, she has been working at the law firm as a principal. Because of his vast experience managing trusts, she became an advisor to the statutory trustee companies. Geoffrey Cone provided tax planning, trust management services, trustee, and foreign trust since 1980.

The Law firm works with their advisors and international families through assistance in establishing companies, partnerships, and New Zealand trusts to provide global wealth advice. In an article published in May 2016 serving experts and Law firm directory, Geoffrey Cone was described as the prominet Lawyer.

Mr. Cone stated that New Zealand is a haven containing highly-industrious banking industry. Moreover, he indicated that the country is a charter member that subscribes to the embodied principles in transparency and gold standards.

He went further to address the reason why the country has seen an increased number of foreign trusts. New Zealand is recognized as a safe, high-quality, and stable jurisdiction with the well-regarded judiciary and stable laws coupled up with professional infrastructure and strong legal capability. The world has noted that about the country. The reputation of the country precedes itself as a safe place for business and prosperity.

Cone Marshall Law firm to the highest principles of legal advice and jurisdiction. The company also assures their clients to afford the most suitable and reliable advice on tax law and international tax.

Geoffrey Cone, one of the principals of Cone Marshal Law Firm, responded to the feature on foreign trust. New Zealand is one of the most prosperous contries in the world. There is a list of tax havens maintained by OECD where New Zealand is featured. The key characteristic is that the tax havens never impose nominal taxes. Procedures and laws prohibit the exchange of information with governments due to jurisdiction in the sectors.

The 2002 OECD Model Agreement for Information Exchange on Tax-related Matters sets the gold standard for transparency. It supports the international information exchange to enforce or administer tax laws. The way in which the country demonstrates leadership in tax transparency is how it handles foreign tax trusts.


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