Copa Star: An Exceptional Recovery Hospital

Copa Star: An Exceptional Recovery Hospital


The Copa Star Hospital is among the most advanced health centers in Brazil. The four-storied hospital occupies an area of 10,000 m2 and has 150 beds, 45 ICU, and 105 rooms. The hospital has nine operating rooms and one diagnostic center.

The hospital offers five-star services to patients. D’Or network is the hospital networking that is pushing for the establishment of luxurious hospitals in Brazil. According to Jorge Moll, a founding member of the network, the luxurious hospital is a new concept to the people of this city. The hospital offers privacy needed by the celebrity patient.

Services Offered at Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star Hospital is the center for the best quality health care. Its quality of services can only be compared to services at five-star hotels. The hospital has many medical practitioners from various specialties. The stellar professionals at the facility ensure use of most recent knowledge, research, and technology for their patients.

The hospital has a top-tier diagnostic center fitted with MRI machines. Difficult neurological cases can be handled by use of complex surgery facilities. The use of Smart Operating Rooms and robots ensures the provision of high-quality care. Patients with extended periods of isolation make use of video conferencing technology fitted in the ICUs to communicate with their loved ones.

Patients can change their immediate environment by using various apps on their iPads. They can modify the lights and curtains in their rooms. Patients also receive MRI images which help in their interaction with doctors and other support staff. Patients also enjoy a live broadcast of the nearby ocean assisting them to relax.

The hospital has a Smart Hospitality System which eases accessibility to information regarding the patient. The system integrates the use of iPads which provides some autonomy to the patient. The patients can speak with their doctors or families by use of these iPads. The tablets reduce the movement of the doctors as they are in constant communication with the patients.

The hospital’s workers are trained on how to handle celebrity patients. The center’s excellent accommodation facilities eliminate the need to fly to other countries for treatment. The medical center is well equipped with facilities to handle complicated neurological and cardiac conditions. Also, there are comfortable recreational services for the patients.

Copa Star Hospital aims at providing quality healthcare. It specializes in neurological and cardiac conditions. Three of the nine operating rooms are hybrid. The rooms are fully equipped to facilitate easy monitoring during a surgical process. Tests on blood samples are done as the surgery is being done.

The hospital also offers patients with wellness optimizing environment. The hospital has a modern dining area and provides patients with a delicate menu. The cuisine is highly nutritious and healthy. The hospital chain is planning to expand into other Brazilian cities. The hospital is planning to become a world-class cardiology and neurological surgery center.


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