Could Stress Actually Be Good for You?

Could Stress Actually Be Good for You?

These days, everyone seems to be afraid of the dirty word, stress. Stress and anxiety have become the “it” words of today’s generation. Everyone is scared of stress because they think it leads to disease and illness. In fact, there have definitely been several studies that have proven this. They’ve even found that stressed-out chimpanzees tends to get sick more often and die at an earlier age.


But dealing with stress doesn’t have to be about taking medication and saying “no” to every opportunity that comes your way. Everyone is upset and afraid at the idea of being stressed out, but no one ever talks about the good that stress can do for you.


Our bodies get stressed out sometimes, and our minds get riddled with feelings of anxiety. These are just facts. But they’re not necessarily bad facts.


The reason that we get stressed out from time to time is because our bodies are trying to get us to do something. In fact, the stress response is a natural response that tells us we need to get moving. It’s all about fight or flight. This may mean that we need to get moving because there’s a predator nearby. But it also may mean that we need to start working harder or doing more about our health or about keeping in better touch with our family members.


If we get stressed out about something, these days, it’s our first response to say that everything is terrible and we need go to therapy or take medication. But in fact, perhaps we just need to buckle down and pay attention to what we’re stressed about.


The next time that you get stressed or severely anxious about something, ask yourself whether or not this isn’t a good thing. Ask yourself whether or not there’s something that you need to take care of and put attention on. And if you decide that there is something that you need to do, do it as soon as possible.



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