Courageous Cancer Activist Dies

Courageous Cancer Activist Dies

An ex-political member of British parliament’s house of labor party passed away recently in her heroic fight against brain cancer. Baroness Jowell Tessa, an activist who campaigned tirelessly for more funding and research of brain cancer, died last Saturday. The former proponent of the UK’s National Health Service has been remembered for her indefatigable effort to support more brain cancer treatments despite her degenerative condition. Several leading officials, including former prime minister Tony Blair, hallmarked her legacy of raising awareness and for collecting a plethora of financial donations to treat this elusive medical condition.

The 70 year old cancer-fighting advocate has also been praised for spearheading the 2012 Olympics in Great Britain. Blair showed immense gratitude for her effort as secretary of culture to encourage him and his cabinet to host the olympics in London. Many athletes are highlighting her passion for sport and overcoming adversity, citing her leadership to bring people together and rally support for the Paralympic games. Without her determination to make a difference for people with disabilities, the Olympic games and numerous social welfare programs might not have been possible.

In addition to her outspoken support for cancer research, Tessa’s impact on education and social rights has been viewed by many as substantial. She has not only been a leading voice for gender equality in the workplace, but also for child care benefits. Her support for SureStart, a government initiative to aid underprivileged families and pregnant mothers across the UK, has been widely acclaimed. In posthumous recognition, cancer funding is expected to double to forty million pounds and NHS health care centers will perform top-of-the line tumor diagnostic tests.


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