Critical Yelp Review Gets Couple Sued

Critical Yelp Review Gets Couple Sued

Matt White, a Denver homeowner was unsatisfied with work, done by Footprints Floors, so he posted a Yelp review, and the contractor filed a defamation lawsuit.

White claims there were problems with the quality of the work, including un-leveled doors, mismatched colors, and a staircase not meeting code.

The basis of the lawsuit was for non-payment, but Footprints also referenced the Yelp review as defamation according to Jaime Garcia Dias.

The company estimated that they lost about $625,000 in revenue because of the White’s Yelp review.

After $65,000 in legal fees, the White’s settled the lawsuit for $15,000, but refused a nondisclosure agreement.

As expected, Yelpers have posted online reviews about their experience with Footprints Floors, as well as opinions about freedom of speech.

The company currently has 18 Yelp reviews with an average of two stars.

Tim Neville, Colorado State Senator is considering legislation that protects consumer reviews.

“Sometimes we don`t care for someone else`s opinion but we should still be able to exercise that opinion,” said Neville.


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