Custodian Sends Kids to Boston College for Free

Custodian Sends Kids to Boston College for Free

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about Fred Vautour’s job – he’s a night custodian at Boston College. What is extraordinary is how he’s used a perk for Boston College employees – free admission for children, providing that they qualify – to send all five of his children to the prestigious private university.

The first of Vautour’s children to qualify was his daughter Amy, in 1998, and he was so proud that her acceptance letter is now framed and hanging from a wall at his home. His other four children were also admitted in later years, and his youngest daughter, Alicia, will be graduating soon. Overall, Vatour’s children have received approximately $700,000 worth of free tuition from Boston College.

Vatour, who is married, was 44 when Amy began college; now, he’s 62. He says, essentially, that he lives for his children, and he’s very happy that they will enjoy a better life than him. His children report that, although their parents did not push them too hard, it was always expected that they would go to college somewhere and that attending Boston College has been a great experience.

Both Vatour and his wife are hard workers, and they struggled for years to make ends meet. Their children say that the example they set instilled them with a work ethic that helped them do the work in high school necessary to be admitted to the highly selective university.